the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote,
the naked plume

I hope there's someone

I need another world
this one's nearly gone

I should perhaps state for the record that just like Facebook I can no longer really use livejournal. The hills may have eyes, but the Plume does not. Sp I can no longer keep up with any of you nice people. But I hope you are all safe and happy and sleeping like carefree babies wrapped in blanket skies.

PS: Why did they never make a text adventure of The Labyrinth? Perhaps in the afterlife you can have everything you want and I can have that.
I need another world
a place where I can go
I'm gonna miss the sea
gonna miss the snow
I'm gonna miss the bees
miss the things that grow
I'm gonna miss the trees
I'm gonna miss the sound
I'll miss the animals
I'm gonna miss you all
I need another place
will there be peace?
I need another world
this one's nearly gone
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