the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote,
the naked plume

deserves a quiet night

I am tired. Three hospital visits in 4 days. And yet the doctors can do nothing about the spreading blindness. It's getting harder and harder to use the computer. And yet I have to deal with more problems with my website. The databases can't connect to the new msql server. My webhost wants me to delete them and recreate them, that way they will automatically be on the new msql server. But I can't delete them because I cannot connect to the old msql server. These problems keep coming and it won't be long befoe I won't be able to fix them because I won't be able to see. Maybe I should get a free blogspot blog and point to that. I'd lose all he bits and pieces on but at least I'd have a stable blog, presumeably. It's not like it all matters so much. But I am tired.
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