the naked plume (djaliplume) wrote,
the naked plume


I am old. I remember when no kids had cell phones. When there was no internet. I remember when the Smashing Pumpkins were the biggest band in the world. I remember seeing No Diggity and thinking that hip hop and rnb would never last. I remember Russia being one big thing. I remember wondering if I'd have to buy a CDrom drive for my pc, wouldn't floppies last forever? I remember Britney appearing and were here boobs fake or not? I remember watching the first broadcast of Twin Peaks. Not the 2nd or 3rd or DVDs or downloads. Actually not knowing who killed Lura Palmer. I remember the first episode of Seinfeld airinng, introduced as that new big thing from America with the award winning character George Costanza. Switching from VHS to DVD. From cassette to CD. Resisting it all like I resist Bluray now. I remember thinking I would sail through high school and university and get a well paid job and be a rockstar in my spare time. Kings Quest with lego graphics. I'm a barbie girl. Euro 92. Going to bed with Denmark leading 1-0 over Spain in the world championship in Mexico 86 and waking up to find out we lost 5-1. Bjarne Riis winning the Tour de France and 10 years later admitting he was doped. Biking to the kiosk to pick up the latest Zzap!64, but it never came, it closed down. Watchiing Star Wars on the telly and being so scared by the Mos Eisley cantina scene that I turned it off. And lied about it the next day on the playground. Getting cable tv and seeing the Simpsons, Homer the thief in biblical times the first scene ever. I remember when the snow banks were taller than I was. I don't know if the winters were colder back then or I was just shorter. I remember when gmail invites were few and far between. When you had to have invite codes to livejournal. When there were so few Danes on diaryland that every new one was exciting. Windows 3.1 and Norton Commander. crash.wav to test soundblaser 16. 486 DX2 50 mhz. Jolly cola. Lucky Luke comic books. ...and so on and so forth. I'm feeling old and nostalgic. But at least my eyesight is a tiny tiny bit better.
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