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splittet til atomer

the people who say that going blind is funny are lying to you. I don't know what their motivation is, but they are lying. It is not funny. It is not funny to live in a one-room apartment and still have to hold on to the edges of tables to find your way.
Sometimes I don't understand how the world can keep turning. I know there is war and famine and catastrophe and death and birth and miracles and the mundane. But I am going blind. Me. I. The center of the universe. I am going blind. So how can you keep living your lives? How can you deny me the satisfaction of knowing I am the only thing that matters?

) am very greatful for the support I get from my family and online friends. I just think the rest of the world should, I don't know, buy me a present or something.
At least there is still music.

I wonder if there is some kind of way to enjoy music without the pictures and videos? They should invent that. Some kind of magic machine that could transmit sound straight into your home. Like a sort of TV, only without images. That would really be something.

Friday night, and I am home alone. So I guess in the big picture not much has changed.
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